Show google search results and search text on a webpage?

Totally new to Siri Shortcuts and Scriptable apps and have been inspired to start making some new shortcuts.
The first one I am trying to figure out is how can I quickly view results from a google search. More specifically the popular times when you search a business?
I have managed to recreate a shortcut I found called “random restaurant” shortcut from here and I want to build off of it to show the results of the business hours or the popular times. Any ideas?

My other shortcut I was looking for some help on was one that would let me search for text on a webpage on my iPhone. Is this even possible?


I think you might find it quicker and easier to just use Safari’s built in search.

Details here.

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That is great! I just was thinking if I used a shortcut to view the source code of a site that I can then use another shortcut to find a specific word.

Try this as a starting point for querying Google for some opening hours.

Hope it helps.

You could probably do something from the share sheet by adding and evaluating JavaScript to highlight words.

E.g. you could use this as the basis, driven by theRun JavaScript on Web Page action (or equally switching into a Web View in Scriptable - but that would have to take you out of Safari I believe).

I’m pretty sure I used to use a bookmarklet for this sort of approach some years back on iOS, before the page find functionality was incorporated into Safari.

But regardless of options, native is going to be quickest and easiest :sunglasses:

Wow thank you! Yes it did. Now going to recreate and learn how you put this together. Once I do that I will hopefully be able to find the popular times data too. Thanks again!

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