Shortucuts and URLs

Hi All,

Not sure if this is at all possible or not but I’ve tried and couldn’t figure it out…so here it goes and thanks for any help!

I’d like to create a shortcut that allows me to select a sub-domain and retrieves header and body from it (apologies if I’m using the wrong terminology).

So it would…

  1. take this URL
  2. provides me a list showing the episodes (eg …/podcast/01.xxxxxxxx; …/podcast/02.yyyyyyy, etc)
  3. I select the one I want (e.g. 02.yyyyyyy)
  4. it retrieves the header, URL and body from …/podcast/02.yyyyyyy (eg podcast title and webpage text)

Is this even possible?

Probably easier with a Python script but this option is also out of my abilities…

Not sure exactly what you mean with some of the terminology you have chosen, but I’ve tried to match it up to the sorts of things I think you might be looking at and put together a rough and ready sort of shortcut to show how some of the things I think you may be after can be accessed.

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Thanks a lot @sylumer !! This is exactly it!