ShortSheets (Sheets for Shortcuts) Now Includes Widget

Hope this is okay to post here but wanted to note an update to my ShortSheets app, which I know some of you use to integrate Google Sheets (and Drive) with Shortcuts.

The latest release, available now, includes a new Lock Screen and Home Screen widget that can display a value from a Google Sheet or show it as a percent completed goal. So for example, you can pull a value from a Google Sheet and use that as a status widget, updating automatically.

This release also includes some fixes and additional options on actions to append to Sheets.

(the macOS version is still in review, iOS available now)

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nice app/actions

if you’re looking for ideas on what to do next, would love to be able to query a sheet with a value, and have the action return cell address for found. i’ve got lots of reference tables in Sheets. this would let me lookup a value in a table, then go back and read a cell at a certain column offset to extract data…

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Yes, always interested in suggestions. Thanks!

@cfritze Now testing an action for this in newest beta.