Shortcuts working with dropbox

Yet another 2 hours taken away by trying to trouble shoot and iOS issue. I can’t get any work done.

So I am trying to save a photo to a specific Dropbox folder using the Shortcuts app. But the app is renaming the photo to the last folder of the destination.

For instance if I am trying to save a photo to: this_is_a_folder/photos. Now when I run the shortcut and choose a few photos, Shortcuts renames the first photo to “photos” places it in the “this_is_a_folder” folder and won’t allow me to put the other photos in there because it is renaming all the selected photos to “photos”.

Is anyone experiencing this? Is there anyway I can help by someone who’s technology doesn’t fight them every step of the way?

Thank you

put a / at the end of this_is_a_folder/photos.


Thank you so much! I searched all over Google looking for that