Shortcuts with Things, “auto tagging”

This is a Shortcut idea for Things. I’ve been using Things for about a year now and I really like it. And lately I’ve been trying to use tags more, but it seems like an additional step that I never have time to take. So the other day I had the idea of just searching whatever text I’m adding for relevant words to add as tags automatically. I was looking at the Things URL scheme documentation and noticed that it will only apply tags if those tags already exist in Things, all other words are ignored! So in my Shortcut for adding items to Things, I’ve simply added one extra step that replaces all spaces with commas, then insert that result in the “tags” option of the Things adding-box in my Shortcut. It works perfectly: it ignores all words that aren’t already tags in my Things app, and now I don’t have to add them myself later. I’ll add some more options later, like looking for certain words like “pay” and replace with a related tag I already use like “Bills,” and so on. Anyway, just wanted to pass along this idea. Happy automating friends!