Shortcuts - using time on formatted date

Greetings, I am trying to make a shortcut that will output the date without displaying the time. I am using both the Ask for Input and Format Date to show no time. I can’t understand why I’m still getting time displayed in my output.

Also, when asking for input on the first command how do you change the name of the variable? It doesn’t show it to change it.

Here’s the Shortcut:

good afteroon

to share a shortcuts link see instructions here How to share a shortcut as a link? (i just leaned that my self)

Thank you you very mucb, emck. I appreciate it.

In the ask for input command, you are telling the Shortcut what data you want the user to enter (date, no time). The default always tags the (current) time to the end. You correctly then format the date that the user inputs, but then use the the date after the input step, not after the format. Try this:

As for changing the name of the (magic) variable:

I hope that these make sense!