Shortcuts to open Gdocs and Sheets

Hi all,

I have a couple of gdocs in different folders that I need to open frequently.

Rather than going trying to find them, I’ve created this shortcut which acts as a document picker. Hope this is of use to others.

1 - copy the URL for your gdocs
2 - fill in the dictionary in the shortcut (note that https is replaced by googledocs)
3 - repeat 1 & 2 as many times as needed
4 - run your shortcut

PS - it also works with Sheets. Just replace googlesheets in the URL
PPS - Any suggestions to improve the shortcut is welcome

Just to note that there’s nothing Google specific in the Shortcut. It’s really a Shortcut that let’s you choose from a list of URL bookmarks.

The only way I can see to simplify further might be to use a magic variable reference for the dictionary.

Thanks @sylumer

I never mentioned it would be a google specific shortcut, but rather it helps me to deal with google docs

The “trick” I wanted to highlight is that you have to replace http with googledocs (or googlesheets) in the URL


Apart from the post title being “Shortcuts to open Gdocs and Sheets:wink:

Which it does :wink: cheers mate. As said, hope the trick helps others