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I am not very skilled in Shortcuts. However, I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, that requires me to do something called the “Elimination Diet”. I am wanting to create a Shortcut to help with this, and store everything in an existing spreadsheet. Here is what it would need to do:

Column 1: I need the Shortcut to auto-populate the date & time.
Column 2: Would be a text field with what I ate.
Column 3: Also, would be a text field with medication taken.
Column 4: Would be a symptom checker with a scale of 1-5.
Column 5: Would be a text field for Notes.

Is this even possible? I’m in the car 6-8 hours a day, and I’m looking for an easy way to capture this information. Thank you for any help/answers.


Column 1

Use the inbuilt date variable. It includes time and you can format it, though I suspect Numbers would override anyway.

Column 2-5

You can use Ask for Input for this. You may also want to look at speak text to ask the question and dictation for responding if you are wanting to use it hands free in the car - though obviously I would not recommend diverting concentration from driving at any point!

Add to Numbers

You will need to get the spreadsheet and then use a built in action to add your column value to a new row.

There is an example given here.

The only general Shortcuts thing it sounds like you may need to brush up on is the use of variables. Read through the first few pages of the intro section and the section about “magic variables” is probably as far as you need to go for this, and magic variables are extremely useful in Shortcuts.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for such a detailed response!

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Needed a break from a boring work task. This is a quick and dirty shortcut that will record your responses in a Numbers spreadsheet.

Here is the template that should be stored in a Folder called Numbers under the iCloud Documents folder. You can always change this location in the Shortcut.

The shortcut does not work on the Mac at present as Numbers is not supported.

The first time you add an entry it will leave a blank row at line 2, this can be deleted later once you have started logging entries.

Hope this helps.




Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for.