Shortcuts steps to convert list of URLs to html img links?

Working with a variation of this:

Works now, leaves me with a list of the URLs on the clipboard.

I’m trying to, inside the main loop, or add another loop, prepend and append the proper strings to turn the URLs into image links.

I’m sure this has been done 1000 times but I can’t nail it. Thanks!

When you say “proper strings” you don’t actually explain what that is :frowning: Please try and provide details with your questions, and if you have given it a try, which I’m sure that you must have, perhaps share what you have so people can steer you in the right direction with what you had. It can help in learning some of the principles and may help others with their learning.

Here’s a version of that previous shortcut which I’ve modified to show a few different ways of wrapping some text strings around them, including none (as before), Markdown, and HTML as some examples.

Hope that’s enough to get you headed to what you were after.

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Ohhhh, this helps a ton, thanks very much!!!

I knew exactly what I wanted to do if I was using say C, JS, or Python, but I couldn’t quite figure out the “syntax” here. Thanks again!