Shortcuts question: Trim text of multiple results

I have an OmniFocus project that reminds me to confirm payment with each of my clients once a month.

I am trying to write a shortcut that will look into that project for all remaining clients who have not paid and generate an email to each of them reminding them that payment for the month is due.

So far I have successfully set it up to look into the OmniFocus project and gather the remaining tasks. Now I am trying to figure out how to get those names turned into emails.

I found a Toolbox Pro action that Trims Text so that I can turn “confirm payment from John” to just “John” but it only acts in the first found item.

Any ideas how to proceed from here?

Have you tried using a “Repeat with Each” action to process each OmniFocus task and putting the Trim Text in there?

Thanks for the reply!

I just tried this around the Trim Character action. I added a Preview action at the end to see what I get. I am getting the same result as before only now as one giant text result that repeats the number of times that there are remaining items in the project. Somehow I am missing how to break apart each of the tasks before performing the trim.

Though before my Preview was showing all of the results from the tasks as separate items.

Hopefully I am describing this clearly enough… happy to post screenshots.

Screenshots would help. Link to shortcut would be best.

The results sound like you are working on a full text item at the end of a loop multiple times rather than a single line. It sounds like you are either missing some sort of split or you are processing all of the original content on each loop iteration rather than the current repeat item for the iteration.