Shortcuts (on Mac) run at Login

Hi everyone,

I am slowly attempting to move away from Applescript and Automator apps; but have come across an issue, does anyone know how (I cannot determine it) to run a specific Shortcut on my Mac (Intel based at the moment on Monterey) as a Login Item when a User logs in?

I want to also preface this by noting, I don’t want to have to buy any new software to do this.

Thanks in advance for your ideas and replies.



When you share a Shortcut to the dock it creates an app file. I suspect if you have it in your applications folder, you can then probably add it to your launch at logon list in preferences.

I don’t have access to my Mac right now to check the details, but you should be able to check it relatively quickly yourself.

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Hi sylumer,

Thank you and that was it. I had seen one other Shortcut show up recently in my personal Applications folder (under ~/Applications) and thought it might have been via a mechanism in line with your suggestion; but never thought why.

Thank you again and I’ll go and face-palm now. This should be better explained and noted on Apple’s own Shortcuts User Guide (I couldn’t find it there either).