Shortcuts not syncing in to iCloud

I’ve been noticing that since I updated my iPhone and iPad to iOS 14.8 there has been problems with syncing to iCloud. If you create a brand new Shortcut on one device it does sync to the other device. But if you change an action in an existing Shortcut it does not change that action in the other device. Also if you change the name to the Shortcut it doesn’t change the name on the other device.

Sounds like something to report via feedback on the beta.

Yep already have. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this.

I had a discrepancy between my devices where 1 was on beta 7 and the other beta 8. Changes weren’t syncing until the 2 were on beta 8. I’m seeing other issues though within beta 8 which have been filed. Hopefully they get resolved.

Bringing this thread up because I’m having exactly the same issue on iOS 14.0.1 and have never run the beta.

I’ve solved most of the sync issues by duplicating shortcuts that weren’t syncing; the duplicates synced and I just deleted the broken copies. But on my iPhone, the number of shortcuts shown in “All Shortcuts” is significantly higher than what shows on my iPad. These “phantom” shortcuts are presumably ones that were broken and deleted, but they’re nowhere to be found in Shortcuts itself.

Any advice?