Shortcuts - List files in folder

I have a shortcut that used to use the Get File action to get a directory and then pass that to a Choose From List action to pick one of the files in that directory for further action (importing into OmniFocus).

A few days ago this broke and now it returns the text of all the files in the directory concatenated together.

I do have one device on the iOS 14 beta, but this is now broke on all my devices. If this is caused by iOS 14, so be it.

Is there a good way to list the files in a directory, pick one from a list, and then pass the contents of the cosen file to the rest of the shortcut?

I’m seeing the same effect. Perhaps it’s a change in 13.6 ?

I’ve worked around it in the shortcut linked to below.

Not very elegant, but seems to work.

You’ll need to change the file path in the two Get File actions to whatever you’re using.

Slightly nicer version of the shortcut