Shortcuts Issues in iOS 13.2

I’ve been having issues with a number of Shortcuts since upgrading to iOS 13.2, which I’ve tracked down to a couple of actions that don’t seem to be working correctly.

  • Mask Image with rounded rectangle seems to have no effect (although Mask Image with ellipse does work as expected)
  • Make PDF seems to just generate a blank file

I was wondering if others were having similar issues ?

Also are people seeing problems with other actions that have been introduced in 13.2 ?

I assume you did report this at Apple, and also are you running a Dev beta of just release version?

I’m seeing these issues with the public release of 13.2 Shortcuts, no betas involved (with the number of issues there have been with 13, just upgrading to the latest public release is quite enough “thrill seeking” for me at the moment :wink:).

Not reported to Apple as yet as was trying to get a feel as to whether these were widespread problems or something just affecting me. I suspect it’s the former as I’ve now reproduced consistently on a couple of 13.2 devices and also validated that it doesn’t happen on my wife’s iPad which is running 13.1.3 (she takes a more conservative/sensible, depending on your perspective, approach to upgrading).

As an aside does anyone know what is the most effective route for reporting Shortcuts issues outside of a beta cycle ?

I’m having a different Shortcuts problem where I can’t run any shortcuts from the share sheet on my iPad.

You may well have seen it already, but there’s a Reddit thread on what looks like the same issue.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve only people with the problem, but no solutions. It must be a bug that requires an update. Annoying.

I just updated to 13.2.2 and that looks like it fixed my problem. It might fix yours as well.

Good to hear that 13.2.2 fixed the problem you were having.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have the resolved the issues that I observed.

Maybe next release !

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I’ve heard it’s fixed in 13.3 beta 1.

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Thanks, that’s hopeful news.

Will look forward to 13.3.

Some partial good news on this topic.

The issue with the Make PDF action now seems to be resolved in iOS 13.2.3.

The Mask Image action with a rounded rectangle is still broken (at least for me).