Shortcuts is going mainstream

I read this article in the Wall Street Journal, and thought it would be great to share here. Since this is from the Wall Street Journal, it is probably under a pay wall. Here is the highlight. The author welcomes his readers to remove any pre-loaded app on their iPhone, except Shortcuts. For “ Shortcuts is Apple’s automations app, which you can use in practically infinite ways.” The author, then gives a few examples of shortcuts he’s created and used, and of course, directs users to the Shortcuts gallery.

I thought it was a great piece on Shortcuts, and a great step towards the mainstreaming of Shortcuts.


News articles like this definitely push people to shortcuts and they end up finding great things the community has made.

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I saw this too—nifty little write-up. Hopefully it’s the start of a new wave of interest.


Today’s The Washington Post:


Another great article! I can’t think in my lifetime of a mainstream news publication writing about a scripting tool. This kind of thing could be a driver to even greater innovation in and adoption of Shortcuts by Apple and 3rd party developers. It’s exciting to see.