Shortcuts Integration to Numbers 11.0 Fix

With the update to Numbers 11.0 on iOS, the ability to write rows to the spreadsheets apparently broke. After much cursing and hand-wringing, I’ve found a workaround, albeit a wonky one.

Apparently the problem is Numbers is taking too long to “get it’s **** together” and the shortcuts are sending info too fast, so essentially, you have to manually slow down the process.

To do that,

(1) I moved the Get File to the start of the shortcut (it’ll run in the background as the rest of the shortcut runs).
(2) I added an Open File right after the Get File (that seems to help, but I’m not sure why but saw it in other support replies).
(3) Then I collect all the data
(4) Finally I inserted a wait. On my iPhone 11 Pro Max I had to wait 10 seconds.

There’s still a delay in actually seeing the data appear, but I finally got it working after messing with it for a week.

One instance of this question seems to be getting some traction (my question from last week went ignored), in case you want to follow it


I came across the same issue – and pretty much the same fix. I added the Open File action directly after the Get File and then waited 2 seconds before performing the Add.

Here is my Feedback if anyone else wants to follow/report it: FB9061119

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Such a timely post. I was just banging my head against the wall this morning with a Numbers related shortcut that recently began failing. Thanks for the tips! — jay

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I’ve been working on it on and off for over a week, so I figured there was somebody else out there going crazy as well. Glad to help!

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