Shortcuts in the iOS beta is so frustrating

Just sent this feedback on iOS 13 beta:


I’m going nuts! Over 100 shortcuts and order changes BY DAY!

Anyone else have this issue?

This too is my biggest complaint and seems like the most basic function.

Sounds like just another reason not to go to the beta … this is exactly the sort of thing that happens in beta testing, so shouting in capitals about it does seems rather harsh. You did know what you were signing up for. Right?

Honestly, I think by the time I hit 50 workflows in Workflow I started using the search rather than all the colours, icons and positions that work well at what might be called ‘typical user volumes’. These days, I’m apparently back in 4 figures, so ordering for me is relatively pointless anyway. Regularly run Shortcuts I find better being triggered from Launch Center Pro, the Shortcuts widget, Launcher widgets, home screen entries, and of course via voice. I tend to only go into Shortcuts to edit shortcuts or find a less frequently used one.

My old Workflow counter still works for Shortcuts, but I hadn’t realised I’d gone over a thousand again. I suspect iOS13 may bring about my semi-annual cull. :man_facepalming:t2:

Over 1k shortcuts

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Yes I did know what I was getting in to. That’s why I use a secondary icloud account for testing, but still. It is Sad to see some areas seem to go full circle sometimes in these software builds.

I just find it frustrating that they have not managed to get sorting/ordering right in this beta cycle. This is the one time it will be introduced to all iOS users as a default app. And we’re back to square one. And if it is a bad experience for non-geeks, usage will be non existent, and funding will move elsewhere,

In my opinion they should not release it as a default app until 99% of at least visual and usability issues are fixed.

So my shouting is not from my own use (hve my shortcut selector shortcuts on the homescreen) but out of fear for the future of shortcuts as a broadly used app.

I guess I’m missing some nuance of your point then. Why is it you are “shouting” it here where Apple’s developers are unlikely to be actively listening after you have passed it back through the channels where they are listening?

End of the day, it may just be a known issue that they know how to fix and is just low priority in the polishing of the beta. We just have now way of knowing. They see all the requests. We don’t. They are always going to be in the best position to prioritise as they have the data.

But it may, of course, also be that it hasn’t achieved enough critical mass to even be on their radar (pardon the pun); in which case a call to action on here might well be an appropriate step, and may even be what you intended. But their isn’t any such call to action. Just what looks to be a bit of a rant.