Shortcuts greyed out in Hazel action?

I’m trying to create a Hazel rule to run a shortcut on files matching specified criteria. When I choose “Run Shortcut” as the action, there’s a pop-up menu where I should be able to select which shortcut I want to run. Clicking on that pop-up menu shows a list of all my shortcuts, but all of them are greyed out—none can be selected.

Has anybody got this working? Is there something I have to do to make a shortcut selectable in a Hazel rule?


Follow up: Some combination of saving the Rule, running the shortcuts outside of Hazel, and quitting and relaunching Hazel made the shortcuts selectable.

Problem solved (albeit in a non-satisfying way). Leaving this here in case somebody else runs into this issue.

Just to add a new wrinkle: Some shortcuts are greyed out again, but only those in a specific folder. Here’s hoping this bugginess is resolved in Ventura.