Shortcuts “Get File” action

Hey ere’body! So I’m just posting to ask/confirm that any file “getting” using the “Get File” action with the icloud drive as the location, that the file has to be in the /shortcuts/ extension so that means in the shortcuts folder?

In iOS12 if it is automated, yes. If it triggers manual selection, no.

I think I heard this may be more flexible in iOS13, but a quick search didn’t yield anything to corroborate that and I’m not currently running the beta.

It is the same in ios13. The Get File action can only access the Shortcuts folder on iCloud.

So the Get File action in Shortcuts allows direct access only to those files stored under the Shortcuts folder on iCloud, which is clearly a matter of security but equally clearly restrictive.

But you can get a link to an external file by first opening the file in its app, e.g. Numbers, and then opening that app’s action list in Shortcuts, assuming the app is Shortcuts-friendly, where there will now be a new “Open [doc title]” action, making that external file available.

However, that file won’t be accessible via Shortcuts on another device until it has been opened on the new device in its native app. Running the shortcut without first opening the file will produce an error.

Have I got this right? Is this the recommended method or am I missing something obvious? You can’t write a path to an iCloud file unless it’s under /Shortcuts/?