Shortcuts from backup

After installing iOS 15 I had a shortcut that crashed and didn’t want to run anymore. I deleted it, because just opening it made it crash. I tried to get the backup back, in several ways. I have two scripts one simple one and BART, but both didn’t work. Then I tried to email it myself, I got the error message that unsigned shortcuts were not allowed. I have toggled sharing in the setup of Shortcuts.

Is there another way to restore a shortcut from my iCloud Drive? Or is this not possible anymore in iOS 15?

Not possible anymore in iOS 15. The new signed shortcuts system is specifically designed to prohibit importing shortcuts from arbitrary files, though there is a CLI on macOS Monterey that can sign arbitrary plists as installable shortcuts. Unless you have a Mac on Monterey, backup shortcuts are useless now.

would you mind elaborating? not sure what you mean but i would be very interested :sweat_smile:

That’s a bummer. I don’t have a Mac with Monterey, also I like to wait at least one mayor update before installing it.

I’m not sure about all of the details—I can’t seem to find documentation outside of it being mentioned in that WWDC video—but I know that it’s called shortcuts and it can be used to run a shortcut (shortcuts run ShortcutName) or sign a file (not sure about the exact command for that). I’m not running the Monterey beta, so I can’t poke around to see its full feature set yet, but it’s already being used by Jellycuts to get around the new signing restrictions.