Shortcuts for the Apple Find app?

I had a scare yesterday as I left my bag at a restaurant with my iPad Pro in it and lot of other valuables. Thankfully I recovered it later.

But it made me think of a smart way to be reminded about one’s devices which could get left behind.

If the Find app on the iPhone had a way, through a shortcut, or some other way to remind one if a device was suddenly in one place and one’s other devices weren’t, if that makes sense.

Does anyone know if such a thing exists?

You can get lots of different Bluetooth LE based hardware that you can attach to objects like bags and keys and get a notification when you travel out of range. Same basis as an iBeacon, though there are various protocol implementations that companies use.

The product ranges available vary across the globe, but you would be looking for something like this -

Hope that helps.


I have a tile in almost every bag now, and pay the subscription for their “left behind” service. It’s not cheap but after leaving two sets of house keys in a hotel in Amsterdam and having a lot of inconvenience while I waited for the hotel to find them (which magically happened after I told them I had a tracking device on them) and then waiting for them to arrive back in the post… it’s worth it. I’m sure there are cheaper options too if you look!

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It might pay to wait a little bit for the March Apple announcements.
If Apple releases a “tile like” device that connects to all Apple devices in the area to show the exact location it might mean you won’t have to pay for a subscription to get your stuff back :slight_smile:

They could just do it with the It’s perfect for it and it’s a surprise that they haven’t yet, not even a shortcut

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