Shortcuts crop image workaround

Shortcuts seems to have replaced the Edit Image action with the Markup action. The Markup action does not have a crop tool, which is what I was using from Edit Image.

The workaround I found was to use the Markup action and then launch Pixelmator from the share sheet. Crop the image in Pixelmator and copy the result to the clipboard. Return to Shortcuts and select done. Noe the cropped image is on the clipboard and you can follow the Markup action with a Get Clipboard action.

Not very elegant, but a fix for now if you happened to be using the free form crop tool from Edit Image.

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Pixelmator — use it for simple cropping and some fancier stuff.

And also: tell apple what is missing! File a radar for this, maybe they’l change it back?

This action utilized Aviary’s third-party image editing tool – unfortunately because of that I don’t imagine it’ll be coming back. If anything we’d probably get native editing tools found in Photos, but that’d require engineering work which takes time.

Here’s hoping we get it soon!