Shortcuts calendar with reminders

I have a shortcut to add events to calendar and it’s working great. But now I want to take it up a notch and also add reminders for maybe 5 or 6 items I have to bring with me to work and get a reminder before I leave home. Is that possible? If if it’s possible I can’t figure out how I would get the reminders to alert me, that’s what i keep thinking might not be possible.

The best way to do it would probably be to use a time based trigger. Assuming you have a good, common time that you could use based on your work schedule. If you are a shift worker for example, you would need to be a little more sophisticated rather than always using one time.

Unfortunately using a location based trigger means that you have already left “home” by the time it triggers.

One thing that does occur to me, but it isn’t strictly reminders based, and is a bit more technical than the traditional sticky note on the inside of the front door.

If you happen to drive to work, you could use an iBeacon and say Launch Center Pro to trigger an alert when you turn on your car (powering up the iBeacon). Technically it should trigger before you leave for work, but it is after you have left the house. It is also a little bit costly to implement for just a reminder trigger… but it might be a closer fit to your original request?

You could do this with a combination of my Cronios and GeoCuts shortcuts. You don’t have to run Cronios all the time, just at some point in the morning before you leave work.

You would then create a GeoCuts Location Trigger that runs a shortcut in the morning when you are at home. That shortcut would do the adding of reminders and calendar entries. You can configure the GC location trigger to run just ONCE a day, every time, every 5 minutes, hours, etc. that it detects you’re in a given location.

The Cronios part handles triggering the GeoCuts shortcut (and its location triggers) on a timer-based schedule. You could have a daily reminder remind you to do this with a notification widget, but you still would have to tap on the banner for run the shortcut. Let Cronios do it all for you automatically.

Happy to help you get this up and running if you decide to go with my shortcuts route.

Thanks. I’m looking for reminders I think. I just want it to create 5 reminders when a I add a calendar event. Then remind me when I leave my house.