Shortcuts Beginner Needs Reminder App Help


I’m trying to create a shortcut that can capture a few recent Reminders. For now it would be fine to just show the results on screen.

So I created a basic shortcut to find a couple of reminders for testing.

Then I split reminders by new lines

Then repeat each item in split text

Then I attempted to set some variables to capture the fields

The Reminder App field possibilities that I see are

File size
File extension
Creation date
Last modified date

  • It seems that:

name = the actual reminder text
Creation date = the current date but not the date the reminder was created

Last modified date = is blank

Q: I am wondering if there are more fields in Apple Reminders App that I may extract such as:

  • priority
  • date of completion
  • repeat settings
  • And any other Reminder fields

If there is a way to extract these fields, please let me know.

Thanks – Dave

You can see the accessible properties by checking the options allowed on the Get Details of Reminders action.

First of all, thank you Very Much for your help.

  • setup as described above…
  • I split reminders by new lines
  • repeat each item in split text

next i tried (I tried adding - Get Details of Reminders)

get title from (split text or tried repeat item)

  • I get the error : conversion error – get details of reminders failed because shortcuts couldn’t convert from text to reminder.

Looks looks like I’m doing something wrong I’m just not sure what it is?

Q: any idea how to fix this? Also, if there is some example shortcut related to reminders I would be curious to see it.

Thanks for your help.

BTW: My goal is to export each reminder as full JSON package using get contents of url Post request (which I do have already working). I just can’t seem to get all the fields I’d like in vars to add to the JSON.

Also if there is some way to take a screenshot of the whole script - I can add that to the thread if that would help…

Screenshots for something like this are not the way to go. The best thing to do is to share your shortcut. Without seeing all of the settings you have set and what magic variable utilisation you have, even a screenshot leaves you rebuilding someone else’s entire shortcut and debugging without knowing the right level of detail. That’s usually why people who don’t post links to complex shortcuts don’t get as much help, because there’s just too much wasted time for all involved on guesswork.

To share a shortcut:

  1. Open your shortcut.
  2. If you have any data in it you are not happy sharing publicly, make a duplicate and replace the data with some dummy data.
  3. Make sure you are now in the shortcut you are happy to share.
  4. Select the share button to display the share sheet.
  5. Select Copy iCloud link.
  6. Paste the copied link into a post on the forum.

When people select the link, they will be able to download your shared shortcut to their device and investigate what is going on.

My gut feeling is that since you are splitting reminders by new lines suggests that you are splitting a text-based conversion of reminders. That isn’t actually a reminder.

To try and help make send of this, here’s an analogous way of thinking about it. Think of the reminder as a cube. When you grab the text of the reminder, you take a snapshot of the face of the cube that’s all about text. Later you want to access all the other data that wasn’t on the face of the cube containing the text, but actually that’s all you have. You could take a look at every face at the start, but better yet is to take the cube rather than just a snapshot of one face.

Your find should be returning reminders, so the result of that is probably what you want to work with, not some implicit text conversion through splitting a list of reminders.

Thank you so much for your help. I think I am now getting there.

I will give an update when I get this to the next level

Thanks again - Dave

Hi sylumer,

Thanks for your help. Yes you are exactly right, this had come from some other demo script - so that is why had these extra splitting lines issue.

So now everything is working very well.

What I did was to:

1 - find reminders
2 - repeat with each item in reminders
3 - get details of reminders for each field that I wanted.

4 - get contents of URL: and post each field in json format - to my web php script that ends up in my Filemaker database.

5 - End Repeat

All Good now.

update -> - it seems that a subscription to toolbox pro can do this reminder editing - so I might just check that out.

While I am at it, there is one more thing I would like to do.

After each reminder is successfully sent to the web URL, I would like to update each reminder and move it to another archive list called “Old Archive”.

This will prevent this reminder from ever being sent more than once to the destination database. (I will not use this “Old Archive” list to ever send to the database)

Q: While in the repeat loop, is there a way to move the reminder items from the list it is in to the “Old Archive” list?

With Toolbox Pro in play, perhaps try this.

Thats a cool idea - and thanks again for that shortcut!