Shortcuts Automation with Calendar and Fantastical. Potentially very silly

I was looking at my iPhone home screen today and trying to clean/reorganize it.

One of the things that bothered me is that I have both the Calendar app and the Fantastical app on my home screen.

Why? Well, I use Fantastical, but I like seeing the current date on the Calendar app icon.

So I need both…

…or so I thought.

Tonight I realized that I could make a Shortcut Automation that automatically launches Fantastical whenever I launch the Calendar app.

It might be the easiest automation ever made, but if it works, I just freed up a space on my home screen!


Nice idea. I decided to do the same and see how I like it.

I just realized this will also let you use 100% of the functionality of the small size Apple Calendar widget and have it launch Fantastical.

Hope you like cleaning out your notifications, though.

Hey @ecormany nice to ‘see’ you over here too.

I make copious use of the ‘Clear All Notifications’ action, so it won’t bother me. (But I only have notifications for events/reminders in Fantastical, not Calendar.)

(Hi!) I specifically meant the “Hey, your automation ran!” notifications from Shortcuts, which are just clutter.

I’ve not used “Clear All Notifications” so I have a question:

Is it tailorable so only notifications from a particular source are cleared out? I wouldn’t want collateral damage - so unrelated notifications disappeared.

Nope. It is a very blunt instrument. It will clear all notifications. So I only use it after I have scrolled the entire list and made sure there’s nothing I want/need.

Oh. Yeah. That’s a thing. I guess I’m already ‘blind’ to it.