Shortcuts app isn't showing all actions

Ive gotten several apps that have added Shortcuts suppor (PCalc, Overcast, etc) but when I go to shortcuts and try to find the actions, either nothing shows up, or only one or two actions. For example, in pClacl I see only "Convert to GBP”, for Overcast I have Open Overcast and “Resume”, but not "Next Chapter” which I know exists.

How do I get shortcuts to show everything instead of a tiny subset?

I know it works for other people because I am hearing people using pcalc for all sorts of great things.

It was confusing for me at first too. The search results do not show everything that is available.

If you’re on the main command list (where it shows Favorites, Siri Suggestions and Scripting at the top), you can scroll down to the Apps section and pick your app from that list and it’ll show all the available commands. Worked for me in Overcast.

Let us know if that helps you?

I still only see one command for Overcast. Add to Overcast is the only command available that I can see.

Here’s a quick screen recording I made that shows what I did to see my commands. Are you doing something different perhaps?

In Overcast, go into Setting and then Siri Shortcuts. Add some voice commands to some of them, then go back into the Shortcuts app and take another look. Hopefully they should appear in the Siri Suggestions list.

Siri Shortcuts have to be “donated” to the OS to show up in Shortcuts. PCalc has a settings menu for Siri Shortcuts that will let you “donate” almost any command that you could perform with PCalc but you have to do that step in the PCalc app to be able use a given command in the Shortcuts app.