Shortcuts app and TextExpander

I’m trying to create a shortcut button that automatically has a text extension that includes date and time codes. Is this possible? Does TextExpander work with shortcuts?

There’s a URL scheme which you can use with an open x-callback url item, e.g.


Here are the docs

Just by way of example, here’s one I used (as an example for someone else) back in the days of Workflow, for a boilerplate text retrieval (snippet abbreviation lorem+.

TextExpander - Expand Snippet To Clipboard

What I’m trying to do when I click on the shortcut button

  1. Click
  2. Creates New Tweet
  3. Expands TextExpander snippet
  4. Sends tweet

The TE has code for today’s date and time and asks about elevator outages.

Is this possible?

Yes. The above posts cover step 3 as per your original request.

But think of steps 2 & 3 as creating a string of text to send as a Tweet in step 4.