Shortcuts and Roku

I recently discovered deep linking with Roku. Here is just one example of the multitude of Shortcuts I have setup. Hope someone else gets some use out of this.

Edit: I’m just tickled by this. I get a kick out of it every time I say “Hey, Siri, let’s watch Friends”. :smile:

Edit2: I realized it may not have been clear what this is doing. For those of you with Roku’s and those of you interested, this will allow you to jump from app to app within the Roku environment. So, in my example How I Met Your Mother is on Hulu and Friends is on Netflix. By using this shortcut, I don’t have to navigate the menu system to switch between the shows (back out of Netflix, wait, go into Hulu, wait, find HIMYM, find the season/up next episode, play). The shortcut makes it sooo much simpler.

Sorry to bump this post back up, but I thought I should explain it a bit further.

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Very cool. I have my first Roku showing up tomorrow. I look forward to playing around with this. Thanks for sharing.

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If you plan on doing this regularly I recommend a static IP.

Hmm. Thought this would’ve been more of a hit. Maybe I was just too wrapped up in my own excitement.

Hi! This is perfect! How can I modify this so that it would open up my Amazon music app on my Roku and play a specific album or playlist?

You’d have to look into Deep Linking and find your content URL schemes.

I can try to look soon.

This is amazing! How and where did you find the code/number for your shows (HIMYM and friends)?

@jaylellman - Late reply (sorry). I pulled up the shows in a web browser and identified their code from the URL.