Shortcuts and Outlook (iOS)

My IT department have a policy that work email cannot be sent (or received) using Mac Mail or iOS Mail. I don’t why. But this has broken a shortcut that I had where, once activated, it asked me some questions, used these variables to construct an email, send it to the client, then generate a project and some tasks in Things 3.

I’ve already looked (so I think I already know the answer) but is there a way to get shortcuts to send an email in Outlook for iOS?

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Outlook has a basic URL scheme that you can use, but it won’t send a message in the background like the Mail action in shortcuts. Basically it’ll open the app and then you tap the send button.

Note that the URL scheme is different between iOS and macOS. I’ve tried it over time but always found it unappealing. If interested, I’ll dig it up for you, just let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. If you could did out that URL scheme I’d be really grateful

Sending emails from outlook for Mac via AppleScript is quite straightforward, assuming you find AppleScript straightforward!

Sorry for the delayed response. I went digging around and I couldn’t find anything for macOS Outlook. Seems like you need to use mailto. Examples below, hope it helps. The iOS version is definitely more powerful as you can send formatted text if coming from the right source (e.g Drafts).

iOS: ms-outlook://compose?to=[recipient]&subject=[subject]&body=[message]
macOS (sadly just mailto:): mailto:?subject=[subject]&body=[message]

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Many thanks. I’ll do some tests. You may well have saved me a lot of time