Shortcuts and IFTTT

In Workflow, there was an IFTTT action whereby you could trigger an IFTTT recipe from Workflow. In the new Shortcuts app, this action has been deprecated and for the users out there who made use of this for things like updating Google Sheets spreadsheets (for example), this left a bit of an automation hole.

Whilst technically, you probably can interact with many of the services directly if you learn the API, IFTTT provides a layer of abstraction for automations where all you have to do is learn how to interact with IFTTT and IFTTT will then take care of talking to the other servicess on your behalf. It’s a shame to throw such a useful tool away … however you can still trigger recipes and pass data in to IFTTT via Shortcuts.

The key is to make use of the webhooks trigger provided by IFTTT (The Webhooks Service – IFTTT Help Center). Given your special webhooks key for your IFTTT account and the name you give to your web hook trigger you can post a URL to act as the trigger in your recipe.

It’s very straight forward to implement (I actually found it easier to do this in Workflow than use the standard Workflow IFTTT action!) and here’s a quick example using Shortcuts, IFTTT webhooks and Pushover (a push notification service).

Expand for my Example IFTTT recipe

Expand for my Example Shortcuts shortcut (in action)

The blurred out part in the Shortcut text box here is part of a single line URL, but is my private key so I obviously don’t want to overshare … but it is just a single line URL.

Whilst this isn’t quite a practical “you’ll want to do exactly this” example, I figured it was a nice way to illustrate the approach so people could adapt it for their own use.

Hope that’s useful to folks.


Excellent research! Thank you for that. I will be able to reinstate my IFTTT triggers.