Shortcuts and Dropbox

Hi all,

I just updated to iOS 12 and was excited to take my first look at Shortcuts. I had a bunch of Workflows which depend on Dropbox (specifically “Get File”, “Save File” and “Delete Files” actions).

I know Dropbox support was dropped in the Betas, but returned in the GM, and it appears it’s there in the full release. However, I’m having real problems with it! Get Files won’t display any files in any folders other than the root directory, Save Files reports a conflict error and Delete Files fails silently.

If I use iCloud Drive instead of Dropbox, everything’s fine, but my automation workflows (with a lowercase ‘w’) are all Dropbox based and I don’t want to move them over.

Has anyone else seen any similar issues in the public release of iOS 12?



Same here. It’s reading the folder as a file when it is selected. Initial path also doesn’t seem to be working as expected.

However, the search does look okay for me, so as long as you know what it is called you can use thart for now.

Conversely, for Dropbox ask where to save, I’m getting a totally empty list :frowning:

Yep, that’s exactly what I’m seeing!

Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of the files at runtime of the Shortcut, I need to be able to select the file. Looks like I’ll have to live without these Shortcuts until it’s fixed, or spend some time tomorrow to figure out an alternative approach.

Thanks for confirming!

I asked about this a few days back and was told that they were aware of this and will fix it soon!

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Great! Thanks for the update!

I was trying to get the contents of a text file saved in Dropbox in one of my shortcuts. I was using the get file action, specified Dropbox as the document provider, and specified the file path. The action returned the name of the file rather than its contents.

Does anyone have any solution for this using Dropbox?

Alternatively, is it possible with iCloud?

Try using the “Get Text From Input” action after you retrieve the file.

Thanks, Sylumer! That did the trick.

I’m having this same problem with a shortcut on iOS 14 beta, but not on iOS 13. Anyone else having this same problem again, 2 years later?

FYI, I tried using “Get Text From Input”, as was suggested here, but that still gives me the root directory.

(I did file a report on this back in beta 4 and it still exists in beta 7.)

EDIT: Just downloaded Beta 8. Same problem. I’m wondering if it’s me!

For the searchers: If you’re getting the bug where you only get the filename returned, a fix has been found here.

Basically, in between the “Get File”, & “Get Text From Input”, add a “Set Name” with the paramenter of “[File].txt” (add “.txt” extension). This should do the trick, especially if you’re dealing with .md files.