Shortcuts all messed up again

Has anyone else seen there shortcuts disappear from the widgets/folders after the latest iOS update? Mine are now randomised again, and I’ll have to manually re-sort them into their folders…

Been happening to me regularly when I update.

I’ve sorted mine three or four times now since iOS 14. Very frustrating! I’ll persist though and hopefully they’ll stick eventually…

I’ve been having a different issue where some of my shortcuts I’ve added to my home screen won’t launch. Doesn’t matter if I delete it and add it again. Tap it and nothing, it does still work right from the shortcuts app though.

Anyone else have this one?

Yes. I noticed this on my iPad a couple of days ago. If I run the short cut from the app then everything works. If I run it from a widget it works. However, if I had an icon to the home screen and try to run the same shortcut it will not run. I only noticed this in the middle of the week, around Wednesday.