Shortcuts: Add Multiple Events to the Same Calendar without Picking from List Each Time?

Does anyone know a way to add multiple events to a calendar without needing to pick it from a list each time? Can’t seem to get variables to work in this way.

I’m not quite sure exactly what you mean by “pick it from a list each time”. I’m assuming from your screenshot you mean just having to add multiple separate sequential add event actions when building your shortcut, rather than being presented with some sort of list at run time.

Assuming that is the case you could add each event into a line you could split into component parts or a dictionary of dictionaries (think JSON). As an example I thought I’d go with the latter, but the fundamental principle is exactly the same.

Hope that’s somewhere near the mark.

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This is brilliant!! Thanks!! Really good example of how to use Dictionaries didn’t even think of that as an option - was able to add a notes key pretty easily thanks! Tested and executes really fast - seems more elegant than adding the what will be maybe a hundred events - much better use of screen space in the dictionaries area.