Shortcut to send last photo to specific person

I’d like to be able to use a widget to send my last photo taken to a specific contact by messages - without any further input from me. Is this possible?

I’ve tried the Gallery example of sharing the last portrait mode photo but that ends up with the share sheet asking for where to send it and then requires too much input to make it more efficient than just going into photos app.

Thank you.

Without any further input via iMessage, no; but minimal, yes.


Has just a final prompt to send

For info, you can send by e-mail without the final prompt; I have a couple of shortcuts set-up to send selection of most recent photos to family members via this method and all I do is select the number of most recent photos to send.

Hope that helps.

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Brilliant, that works, thank you. Well, it works perfectly from the shortcuts app. But doesn’t from the widget. Is that common? It seems to ‘run’ when press the widget in that the icon changes, but doesn’t take you to iMessage nor does it send the photo (in the background).

Some Shortcuts require interactions that can’t be rendered within the constraints present in the widget framework. Some run into memory constraints as widgets get a thimble full of memory to work with vs. the bucket full that apps can access.

It is the latter that is the issue here.

If you just send text it’ll work from the widget; and notably will auto send messages. If you want to trigger from the widget and send photos, then you need to ‘bump’ into running in the app by using the Continue Shortcut in App action. Pop the action in at the start of the shortcut and you should be good to go.

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