Shortcut to send 10 largest videos into it's own album?

Hi All, I’m trying to free up space in my iCloud by finding the largest videos I have and adding them to an album in the Photos app. I’m running into an issue on the last step which is to actually send those videos to the album. I keep getting an error 3300. I think I just don’t really understand how this all works, I’m not a power user at all. In my screenshot attached I limited the quantity to 10 only so I could do tests and not have to wait for hundreds of videos to be moved/loaded. My goal is to sort through all my videos by largest file size.

P.S. I did find a shortcut on Reddit to do a similar thing but that one shows the videos in quicklook but after that I can’t do anything with them. Can’t delete them, can’t move them anywhere, I can only look at them.

P.P.S This idea might not be the best for me, if you have an idea that would be better for my end goal of being able to sort my videos by largest file size and then delete the ones that I choose (which should delete from all my devices on iCloud) that is welcomed!


Make sure you’re saving the filtered images, not the photos from the first filter.

I guess I just don’t know how to do that. There’s no option to save the filtered files. I’m assuming that this is going in order, so it first finds all the videos in the Photos app, then filters them to find the 10 videos with the biggest file sizes, then it should save those photos to the Temp Video folder I made. But why it’s not doing that I have no idea.

This part is confusing to me. I don’t understand what these menu items mean. In the first screenshot is this “getting” Photo Media? And in the second screenshot why is it giving me the option to choose from this list? File? URL? vCard? Event Attendee? What does this list have to do with the Save Photos action? Like I could save a video with a specific “iTunes Product” This makes absolutely no sense and is super frustrating. I just want to be able to see my videos that are the biggest; why does Apple make this so hard?

I’m going to guess that you created the Filter node before the Find Photos ones, so your Save Photos nodes is actually getting videos from the first node.
So in the screenshoot that you have, you can tap the Reveal button to show where you’re getting the variable. The variable can be anything. For example, you might want to get the name for the photo that you’ve filtered, or the width, or the creation date, etc. This is really handy to extract information in instances like this. You can also specify the input type to get the specific information that you want.
The Reveal button in your example should reveal it’s trying to grab the variables from the first node, which would be everything that’s video. Dunno what the error means but i presume cause it’s too much maybe.
Either case you’ll want to tap on “Photos” and Clear it and tap on it again and use the Select Variable option to select Files that comes up after the Filter node.

Once you play around with shortcuts a bit more, those options above would make more sense. It tripped me up in the beginning too.