Shortcut to Save to Specific Dropbox Folder?

Is it possible to create a Shortcut to save to a specific Dropbox folder? I cannot see how to do that since there are very limited Shortcut options under App-Dropbox inside the Shortcuts app.

Dropbox support is built-in to the native file save action. It is a legacy from before Apple purchased Workflow and it became Shortcuts.

Here’s an example that saves the last screenshot to the /temp/save folder (assuming ti exists), in Dropbox.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks - much appreciated

@sylumer - If I edit that Shortcut to ask me where to save it, it shows me the first level of folders in my Dropbox account but it will not let me navigate beyond that first level. Any idea why?

I get the same currently. I don’t generally use the ask option, so I don’t know when that changed.

However, if you select iCloud as the service, you’ll get the standard storage providers listing which includes Dropbox and allows you to select nested folders as a save destination.

That’s an excellent tip re: iCloud. Works great - plus it adds Devonthink and my NAS drive as additional Save options in the same dialogue which is really helpful.