Shortcut to save NYTimes Cooking App recipe to Paprika

I like to save recipes from the NYTimes Cooking app to Paprika. Paprika doesn’t show up on the share sheet for the Cooking app so I use Opener to “open in Safari” and then save to Paprika using the share sheet. I’ve tried to replicate this process as a Siri Shortcut but can’t seem to pass the URL from the Cooking app to Safari. Any ideas?

Can you share what you have?

Also could you use the cntent graph/Quick Look actions in SHortcuts to see what the NYT app iss passing to it?

It may be something like you just needing to add a Get URLs from Input action, but it is impossible to tell without seeing what you have … or signing up for a subscription just to test what the app is doing.

This is an old thread, but I had the same issue. Here is a shortcut that seems to work well: It takes the text from an NYT link (which includes some non-URL text), extracts URLs, expands the URL, copies to clipboard, then opens Paprika. You will have to enable Paprika’s automatic link detection. Any improvements welcome!

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That’s fantastic! Works like a charm. Thanks so much. Problem solved.

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