Shortcut to overlay contact information on iPhone wallpaper

On 29 April, 2018, Rosemary posted a workflow at to overlay contact information on an iPhone lock screen. Has this Workflow workflow been converted to a Siri shortcut? If not, I would be grateful if someone in this forum can develop a shortcut for this purpose. Thanks!

It looks like it still works fine in Shortcuts. Most workflows migrated gracefully.

Link I’ve tested with (from the article):


Thank you! I’ll try it. :wink:

The text is black and on a dark background, one can’t see the name and phone number.

I’ve tried adding “color:white” to the syntax but it does make the text invisible.

Actually, I don’t know CSS or HTML so I was just trying things from a search on the W3C website.

How can I make the text white or have a white background with 50% transparency?

PS: I’ve attached a snapshot of what I try to reproduce with Workflow and that I made with an app that’s not updated anymore unfortunately

The mask action should handle this which is why I used it originally.