Shortcut to open App Library from icon on Homescreen

Hi. The App Library is super. But I don’t want to swipe 5 or 10 pages to the right everytime I want to use it. Did anybody found a way to create a Shortcut to open App Library? Then I can put a icon in my dock.

Here is Reddit question about the same topic

This is the best workaround that I found. My current “solution” boils down to two swipes. It’s more work than just one click but still easier than scrolling through pages of apps and widgets. On the dots that are above the pinned bottom apps scroll from left to right to get to your rightmost Home Screen page. From there it’s just one more swipe from right to left to access the App Library.

But I want a shortcut for this. I am afraid that we have to wait for Apple to allow this.

I can’t come up with a solution, but I’ve always hoped we could open App Library with a swipe up from the home screen, like most Android launchers do.

When I was using Android, my favorite setup was three pages + app drawer, with the middle page set as home. Everything can be accessed with a single swipe.

Sorry for the rant :man_facepalming:

Hi xurc. Thank you for the feedback. I was hjoping for a solution :slight_smile:
Maybe @RosemaryOrchard has a solution?

There isn’t a way to do this in the same way there isn’t a shortcut to the today view.

Fundamentally they are not apps, and they are not even home screen pages. They are OS, perhaps springboard functionality.

Apple would have to explicitly add something for this at the OS level, or someone would need to come across a springboard URL parameter to trigger it; though I doubt the developers would have gone to the effort of adding one in. Quite frankly there are a lot of bugs and rough edges that I would expect to be the focus before something like this even made it onto the planning board - though I do think it would absolutely be useful for it to be available.

Until then spotlight and custom shortcut lists to specific lists of open app X/Y/Z are probably your nearest choice, but I’d guess the swipe swipe movement might become so natural for you that any difference is negligible between those options.

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Hi Sylumer. I was afraid that this was a Apple limitation. Thanx for the good explenation.