Shortcut to find a picture in photos and grab the link to share

I know I can manually choose a picture in photos and get a link (copy link) to paste elsewhere. Does anyone know how I can use shortcuts to do the same thing (at least get the link)?

It must have to get uploaded somewhere to get a URL for it that is going to work for others. Maybe to iCloud? Do you know, or can you tell from the sort of URL you get?

I guess I am missing something as when I choose to share a photo I don’t seem to get an option to “copy link”. Where does it show the option for you?

I have Copy iCloud Link in the share sheet from an individual photo and when selecting multiple photos.

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Thanks @tf2. I’ve just been through all my options as well as editing them and I simply don’t get presented with that option. I’m definitely on a high enough OS version (15.4.1) and now I know what to look for I have seen references online too. But, for whatever reason I just don’t seem to have that listed as an option.

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Interesting. I assume you have iCloud Photos turned on in Settings>Photos? That’s the only control I can think of that would reasonably affect this.

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No I don’t. Only for shared albums. I don’t want all my photos auto uploaded to cloud storage as I sometimes take snapshots of whiteboards and such for work, and I can’t let them arbitrarily get uploaded.

But, it would make sense as to why I don’t see the option to copy a link as a result. I never even gave any thought as to it only being for already uploaded photos (as opposed to files), but I realise for most people that enabling that option is probably ideal, and so for most people that option would then be there.


I know a number of people who can’t upload photos as well.

It would help if Apple provided something other than an all or nothing option – eg, sync only these albums, or sync all but these albums (though the latter would depend on putting pics in the right album before syncing).