Shortcut to create new Draft by voice-only input

I am trying to create a Siri Shortcut which creates a Draft

Something like “Hey Siri - Create a new draft with text This is a test”

If I use the command “Create Draft with Dictation” it opens the Dictation window - I would prefer this to be something that works entirely by voice with no mouse input needed.

Can that be done?

You should be able to run it all via Siri. But you cannot send shortcut parameters to the shortcut via Siri when invoking the shortcut unfortunately

Thank you @mvan231

I am getting a lot closer

This shortcut works perfectly on the iPhone

The identical shortcut also works on the Mac - but the Mac also gives this error. Why?

Hmm that’s strange. It seems the Drafts action exists on Mac but maybe isn’t optimized to perform that task?

Maybe it is a MacOS issue

The computer on which it fails is a Mac Pro running Ventura 13.5

I just tried it on my MacBook Pro under Ventura 13.4 and it works fine

That could be the case. Not a bad idea to submit feedback to Apple on that issue

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