Shortcut to create a checklist in notes?

I want to use repeatable checklists in notes and looking for a way to automate.


I think Greg’s comment to your query on the equivalent query on the Drafts forum would still apply here.

But if you store your checklist on i*OS in notes, you could copy and paste the content from your template note to a new note.

If you have access to a Mac and Keyboard Maestro, you could create a macro to carry out this manual activity automatically.

If you can remotely trigger the Keyboard Maestro action (e.g. via SSH, synced file and Hazel, or web trigger) on the Mac, you could then have it trigger and sync back to your mobile device.

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I cross posted exactly because it does not seem possible with drafts.

The shortcut I tested yesterday brings the copied data over as plain text from an existing iOS note. Which is weird since the copy function in the share sheet keeps the formatting.

Just asking if I am missing something obvious using shortcuts to automate creating a new note from formatted data of another note.

I don’t believe it is possible with Shortcuts, hence my suggestion of other approaches. But I also do believe that the issue does still come down to the same issue Greg mentioned.

Does the HTML approach I mentioned elsewhere (can’t remember where) :slight_smile: work?

No. Was chaperoning a High School event all day yesterday.

How would you suggest I proceed with your test? I do t have much experience in html

You mentioned it on the Drafts thread.

But I tried it the other day just to be sure. Here’s how it comes out.

Ive done a few things with copying formatted text/tables across to notes via clipboard In Shortcuts which work fine, I tried checkboxes a number of times but cant get them to copy across. Interestingly Gladys copies checkboxes out as a ul but tried that too.

Checkboxes as an input is very much the challenge. Notes simply has them locked in as manual only right now in terms of input. Hence my suggested direction of using Notes itself as the source and the destination.

Thats clear in the post thanks. I agree that keeping the template in notes. As Another person had suggested that html formatting might work, I was just pointing out it was limited to clipboard in Shortcuts, and that it doesnt seem to work with checklists, and the additional information that it may be stored as an ordered list not offering it as a solution.

Wouldn’t it be clipboard, share sheet, and in v13 direct transfer, for Shortcuts in terms of how data could be passed into Notes? I.e. Not just limited to the clipboard.

Also where was the ordered list (conversion?) mentioned? Is that in a different Notes related thread?

Thanks @sylumer for trying the experiment.

The checklist itself is an Apple note. When I use shortcuts to do the copy action it seems to copy in plain text l lose all the formatting.

When I do it manually, I open the share sheet, hit copy, back out to the notes list, change the folder, create a new note and then paste. I haven’t figure out a way for any of this to be automated.

Thanks for everyone’s efforts to help.