Shortcut to convert Reminders lists to Markdown

Hi all. My lists in the Reminders app were a mess, so I decided to clean them out and start fresh, maybe with Good Task. My problem: Some of the Reminders lists are simple lists (things to buy, for example) rather than tasks, and I didn’t want them cluttering up my tasks. I decided I wanted to keep these lists, but just as plain text or TaskPaper lists.

So I created a Shortcuts shortcut (?!) to let me choose a list, and it would dump the title of the list into a new Drafts draft (?!) followed by all the reminders in list format (ie; prepended with a hyphen and a space). Now I can save the lists to Dropbox or import into another app, etc.

It ignores dates, notes, etc. — my goal was just to capture my lists that weren’t tasks, so I could store them elsewhere. And I had to run it once for each list, but as a single-use utility, I didn’t feel like it was worth the time to figure out how to make it cycle through all my Reminders lists automatically.

Still, it’s a pretty simple script and easy to modify.

Here it is: