Shortcut to change case

Often when I am using an external keyboard I type a paragraph or so with he caps lock on, since there is no indication that capslock is engaged and no way to disable it,

What I would like to be able to do is select the text and change the case.

I can create a shortcut to change the case of the text, of courser, but I can’t trigger it from selected text… or can I? How?

It seems I have to select the text, copy the text, turn the shortcut, and then paste the new text back?

I’m probably missing something super obvious.

select the text in a note
open share-menu
select extension Shortcuts
select your shortcut
(how to get the changed text back into the note?)

You could do something more automatic with a specific app. For example you could have a Drafts action work on the current line/sentence.

Similarly TextExpander can streamline the last bit as you can work with the clipboard and replace via a typed string- you just can’t auto select in any app with it.



Nothing is done with the text. I’ve tried various things, including trying to paste the text to the clipboard but even with that after Change case {Sentence case} the clipboard, at best, contains only the all caps text.

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding your issue/question, but wouldn’t this work if you added it to the Share Sheet and copied the text, ran it and pasted?

That is exactly what I have, and when I past the text it is still all caps. Well, I set Sentence case, not lowercase, but otherwise, the same.

That does require selecting the text, copying the text, running the shortcut, selecting the text, pasting that text.

But it’s not working.

Can you share it your shortcut so I can take a look?

Sure, but it looks just like the previous image. Type something in all caps, select it, tap “copy”, select it again, choose share, shortcuts, “Case”, select text again, paste, and you get all caps text pasted.

Interesting. Seems there may be a bug in one of these? What is your output when using this one?

If your text is all caps you need to lowercase it first. The case actions in Shortcuts work by not modifying uppercase of letters unless explicitly told to. So make it lowercase and then make it sentence case (just put the actions one after the other) and that will fix it :slight_smile:


Also, it seems to work when I invoke the shortcut by any other way except when doing it from the Share option inside the selected text share bar.

Wait. Why would that be? If the string is uppercased and you ask for title case shouldn’t it do it? I mean, what’s stopping it from carrying out that function? Similarly, if you have a lowercased string and you ask for sentence/title case, it will do it, no?

The reason is that in title and sentence case, capitalised words, acronyms, etc. (e.g. BBC, IBM, TESCO) remain capitalised. That’s why for an instance of all accidentally uppercase text you would lowercase it first. It can seem illogical at first, but it is actually logical behaviour.

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Zomg, wow, this is terrible.

What I really want, of course, is “select text, run shortcut, text is changed.” What I have now is “select text, run shortcut, select text, paste text”.

Which is where my original reference to writing in Drafts would have a distinct advantage, as it would be one tap of an action key/item or possibly a keyboard shortcut (for a physical keyboard) to select the text automatically based on cursor position, process the selection and replace it. :wink:

But the point to keep in mind with this is that iOS has a stricter security model than many other mainstream desktop and mobile operating systems that protects but also constraints. As soon as you step outside the current app, you will hit limitations around what permissions apps have in regards to sharing and interacting.

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Try it like this:

  1. Highlight text
  2. Copy
  3. Tap text to bring up Share bar again
  4. Tap Share
  5. Run Shortcut
  6. When the Shortcut returns to your text, the text is still highlighted and the Share bar is still up, now just tap paste.

Still not ideal, but we’re working with what we have here, people. :wink:

Here’s a video of the shortcut I made for this:

You can see, the first action is always lowercase as per the discussion above.

At least in messages, the text is not highlighted after the shortcut runs.