Shortcut to append photo to specific note

I have a shortcut that prompts me for some text, then appends a formatted date and time and the text to a specific note in the notes app.

I would like to also append a selected photo to the same note after the text (this is for a wildlife “journal”). The append to note function (I’m running iOS 13 beta) only appends the name or other text metadata of the photo. Is there some clipboard or sharing workaround to get the actual image into that specific note? I can add the photo to a new note with the create note function, but can’t add it to the end of an existing note.

Thanks for any help!

I believe this is a limitation of that action as the only input option is “text”.

Federico Viticci did a challenge in a recent episode of the Adapt podcast where I’m sure this limitation was mentioned, only I can’t remember whether he found a workaround. I would have to go back and re-listen.

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Text only for the append function. You mentioned clipboard workaround, you can send the formatted text and photo(s) in one go to the clipboard so you can paste it in all at once.


Thanks for the text + picture in a single variable idea! I hadn’t thought of that. I followed your suggestion but added a select from menu since I don’t always have a picture.

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If you’re willing to use a plain text file for your notes instead of the Notes app, you can use Shortcuts to upload the photo to a Dropbox folder, get the URL of the item, and creat a Markdown-styled image link to the photo. If you change a single character of the Dropbox link (as a text replacement in the shortcut), the image will show up in pretty much any markdown-capable app. I have several workflows that do this, most of them prompting you for a caption along the way.

The result can be quite elegant — for example, a screenshot from 1Writer:

Are you then opening a new note and pasting? Shortcuts is locking up on the “create note with clipboard” command for me.