Shortcut to append bibliography of open Safari tabs to end of Draft?

Ahoy, Automators!

I write scripts for a history podcast in Drafts and append a bibliography at the end of each document. Right now, the Shortcut I created takes a URL on the clipboard and extracts specific data from the page, puts it into the bibliography format I need, and then places that item on the clipboard for me to paste into the Draft.

For example, if I copy “iOS 15 Voice-to-Text Dictation — MacSparky” to my clipboard and run the shortcut, I end up with the following on my clipboard:

“iOS 15 Voice-to-Text Dictation,”, June 10, 2021, iOS 15 Voice-to-Text Dictation — MacSparky

What I’m wondering is: Can I modify the shortcut to take all my open tabs in Safari, parse the URLs into the format above, and then dump the contents into the Draft without having to individually copy/paste them?

Shortcut steps in screenshots attached.

Thanks in advance!

No. Shortcuts cannot do this on iOS or iPadOS. There is nothing exposed to Shortcuts to allow it to traverse multiple browser “tabs”.

Yes. You could either append to a specific draft if the bibliography is always at the end, or trigger a custom action if a process with more complexity is required.

Side Note: this is possible on macOS as you can use AppleScript to work through all windows and tabs in Safari.