Shortcut that check if the clipboard is new

Please i need a shortcut that check if the clipboard is new. I mean if the clipboard chance in the last 1 minute.

Thank you

To do that, you would have to compare to the state of the clipboard one minute ago. That would mean keeping a clipboard history. iOS does not have a clipboard history, or certainly not one accessible to Shortcuts.

The answer therefre is that it can’t be done.

However, for edge case junkies, I can think of a heavy-handed, multi-platform workaround...

If you were on Wifi a minute ago and now, and have universal clipbboard enabled, and have a Mac, then there is a possibility.

Whilst iOS can’t have things arbitrarily runnning in the backgroun a Mac can. The Mac could monitor the clipboard and keep a history. The iOS device could query the Mac (many possible variations of how to hold the history and query it) from Shortcuts, compare the clipboard contents and provide you in effect a Boolean (True/False) as to whether the clipboard has changed.

Note even then, this is a shared clipboard, so changes could occur from devices other than your specific iOS device. Note also, just because something is the same as it was a minute ago, it does not mean that the clipboard has not changed in the last minute. Querying the Mac for a last changed time stamp wuld help with this.

If you don’t mind running the workflow yourself you could write the content of the clipboard to a temporary location, and check if it’s still the same the next time you run it.

This would require you to run the shortcut every minute, but since I don’t know your use case… I don’t know, maybe this is actually fine for your situation.

Here’s an example using a file in iCloud drive: