Shortcut song and playlist

Please i want Shortcut that do the following in Apple Music
The steps is chronological
Step 1) Play playlist call “niches” and pick rendom song from this playlist
Step 2) Play the album (not in rendom) of the song that the step 1 above pick
i want that if step 1 above pick song that is number 3 in is album than step 2 need to play the number 3 song than 4 than 5 and so on. And if there is 10 song in the album than after it play song number 10 in the album it shouldplay number 1 than number 2 and than continue to number 3 than 4. And so on

That was an interesting idea, so I made this up, which seems to work (assuming you have the songs on your device).

If the first few items are removed, it should work from the Share Sheet to play from the current song.

I sorry my friend it seem that the shortcut doesn’t work . this is apple much. I don’t download the music to my iphone. It in the cloud

My friend. Thank you. It’s work.