Shortcut slow when triggered with back tap

I watched Christopher Lawleys video about the action button and the menu with shortcuts. I wanted a similar thing but using the back tap-trigger. The only thing is that triggering the menu shortcut this way is super slow, do any of you guys know why it is like this?

Whem I trigger it from a widget, is faster so it’s not the shortcut that is the problem?

Appreciate the help!

Certainly strange.

What does your shortcut look like? I had one assigned to my back tap actions before, and it seems to work quite well most of the time, but there were occasions where it either wouldn’t run, or would Be very slow to execute.

The shortcut starts with a “choose from menu”-action so I can choose betwwen different shortcuts. From that I have a “run shortcut” action to trigger the choosen shortcut. Which mean that the menu shortcut is the slow, not the shortcuts I choose… Hope you understand what I mean :wink:

What happens to the speed of response if you try each of the following?

  1. Restarting your device and retrying it?
  2. Setting the back tap trigger to trigger something that isn’t a Shortcut (e.g. spotlight, torch/flashlight)?
  3. Setting a different simple single action shortcut to trigger?
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I restarted and it didn’t change anything…

I tested triggering the camera and flashlight with it and it wasn’t that slow.

Triggering another shortcut (turn on battery mode) wasn’t slow either…

It so weird, cause it’s only when I back tap it…

I just tried setting up a basic choose from menu shortcut and assigning it to triple tap for backtap and it worked almost instantly

Okay, so that seems to establish there is something in your shortcut that the OS is hanging on for some reason.

Next, try to build out your shortcut again as a new shortcut, and every few actions, retest the responsiveness for triggering the new shortcut.

Maybe there it is a particular action’s inclusion, or some latent aspect or artefact of a prior revision hidden in the shortcut that is causing the observed delay?

I’ve certainly had shortcuts in the past that are “fine” visually, but had weird behaviour at some point and then rebuilding them exactly the same rectified the behaviour.

I was thinking about doing this - as I don’t have an iPhone 15 (and won’t have one with the action button for a year or so).

I do think - when I get my Ultra 2 later this year - I’ll hang a menu off it.

But one thing occurred to me: When I pop up a menu in a shortcut is there any way to have it time out after, say, 5 seconds?

That would avoid having to take action on accidental activation (though double back tap being accidentally triggered is, in my experience, very rare).

It’s the “choose from menu”-action with back tap that is slow I think. I added that action on to a new shortcut, without anything and it was as slow as the original.

Okay, so next, since @mvan231 has a good speedy response when using that action, it would be worth comparing what is different. OS version, hardware, etc.

Probably worth you both posting details and timings to compare.

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Okay, I have a iPhone 13, running IOS 17.0.3. Is there anything more you need to know? :smile:

Just to clarify against that last question, that I suggested a mutual comparison with @mvan231 - so Mark’s details are what you require to do your comparison.

From that it might suggest further checks and changes you may wish to try. That may then poj t to other variables to check.

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Further, I’ve found the select photos action to be particularly buggy in iOS 17