[Shortcut] Shop At Walmart

Here’s a little project I put together when I saw that WalMart app was updated with a Siri Shortcut to open Walmart Pay. Assuming you use Siri to add items to your shopping list using the Reminders app, this shortcut reads out your full list of items you, allows you to rearrange the order of your shopping list, and once the list is cleared, will automatically open up the Wal-Mart pay scanner. You will need the three shortcuts listed below. Assign a Siri phrase to trigger the first two triggered below.

Video demo of Shop at Walmart shortcut

Video demo of What’s Next shortcut

Shop at Walmart

  • This shortcut gives you your full list of items you need to purchase today. Reads it from your grocery list created in the Reminders app. Will also allow for reordering of the list.

Reads the list pretty fast, currently trying to figure out the pause in between each line

Whats Next

  • This one tells you each item one by one and then removes it from the list as there is no way to just check it off through the shortcut. To continue through list, just trigger your Siri phrase for this shortcut. Once it notices that all items are cleared it will open Wal-Mart Pay.

This shortcut requires the install of the great reordering list shortcut by /u/supermamon on reddit. No modifications needed to the shortcut.

I’m here too, thanks for the shout-out.

I actually requested an ordered list feature in the early days of Workflow. Too bad it was never made.

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Got ya. I really appreciate the shortcut. Especially considering I hadn’t requested it. You just randomly offered it and it immediately became of use. Works pretty well too. The automation Gods must have told you I would need it. Lol

Love this! Had a similar but different idea but not sure how to pull it off. My wife and I share a “Grocery” list in reminders for whoever goes to the store. We add items but they’re out of order based on the store layout. I would prefer for them to be in order based on shopping from right to left through the store. Is there a way to grab the contents, then rearrange them and put them back in the list?

Yes. That’s what this shortcut allows you to do. It should first ask if you want to hear your list or reorder your list. Choose reorder and tap the items you would like to move. Limitation is that it only allows the item to move up the list.